Our guesthouse is situated in a historical building of former Chapel of St. Margaret, which used to be a part of the Cistercian monastery of the existing Chateau of Žďár adjacent to the baroque holy shrine on Zelená Hora (Green Mountain) - registered by UNESCO.



Quality meat, noble mold, great conditions and especially the honest work of the owner. Guarantee of endless goodness.
The production process is spread over 6 months. The ham after maturing and light smoking is matured in noble mold. Visit our Pension V Kapli and see for yourself. The first samples are to be tasted.


All rooms in our guesthouse and the coffee shop are surrounded by ceramics from two artists – Jitka Hendrychová – the owner of the guesthouse, and her daughter Lucie.
Each piece is an original and each piece can decorate your house or your garden.
Ceramics is fired at temperatures more than 1 200°C, therefore it is freezeproof.

Alsace wine

The initial success of this brand brought us to cooperation with the wine farm Leipp-Leininger from Alsatian region and we have become direct importers of these exclusive wines for Czech Republic. That is why our guests can be treated to this top delicacy among wines of the world for incredible price.

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Miroslav Straka
For the unacquainted or the curious travelers, Pension V Kapli is a true gem hard to find. It may not be a five stars accommodation, but your stay here will be just as memorable. A big notch above the rest, a unique place with an excellent cuisine, excellent wine selection and caring service.